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At Tiger Boards, we specialise in identifying and appointing the best next-generation directors for your organisation. With a focus on excellence and innovation, we help you build dynamic boards that drive your company’s growth and success. Explore our services and join the revolution in board governance today. Our new Board Alert style newsletter provides alerts about roles we are actively searching for, expressions of interest, registration opportunities, and valuable board career advice.

Ready to Step into the Boardroom of the Future?

At Tiger Boards, we're dedicated to connecting top talent with next-generation director opportunities. Whether you're an experienced executive or aspiring to join your first board, we have exclusive briefings and unparalleled resources to guide you on your boardroom journey. Take the first step towards your dream career by scheduling a complimentary career or board assessment.

Welcome To Tiger Board's Board Alert

Current Board Search Opportunities

ASX-Listed Mining Organisation

We are seeking experienced board members for a leading mining company focusing on gold exploration and development in the APAC region.

SaaS AI Procurement Technology Platform

We are identifying top-tier board members for an innovative AI procurement company revolutionising supply chain and procurement processes.

Leading FinTech

Our search is on for visionary board members for a cutting-edge financial technology firm driving advancements in digital finance solutions.

Hospitality Recruitment AI Platform

We are recruiting board members for a pioneering AI-driven hospitality recruitment platform, enhancing talent acquisition in the hospitality sector.

Technology Security Privacy AI Global Scaleable Business

We seek expert board members for a leading AI company specialising in data security and privacy, protecting sensitive information in the digital age.

Not For Profit – Charity Foundation

We are seeking dedicated board members for a notable charity foundation focused on impactful initiatives and sustainable development

ASX-Listed Renewable Energy Company

We are seeking visionary board members for a top-tier renewable energy company focused on sustainable energy solutions and innovation in the APAC region.

Healthcare Technology Innovator

Seeking experienced board members for a healthcare technology company revolutionising patient care and medical data management.

Leading FinTech

Our search is on for visionary board members for a cutting-edge financial technology firm driving advancements in digital finance solutions.

E-Commerce Platform

We are identifying dynamic board members for a  e-commerce start-up, experienced in digital retail innovation and customer experience enhancement.

For Purpose and Various Others

We are managing board searches for leading For-Purpose and diverse organisations, each requiring unique expertise and leadership.These roles are crucial for guiding these organisations toward strategic growth and innovation in their respective fields.


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Kylie Hammond Thought Leadership

Comprehensive Board Search Methodology for Exceptional Appointments

At Tiger Boards, we understand that appointing key leadership roles such as Chairpersons, Non-Executive Directors, Committee Members, Company Secretaries, and Advisory Board members is a pivotal moment for any organisation. These positions are the cornerstone of effective governance and decision-making. To ensure you secure the right talent, we have developed a comprehensive board search methodology that goes beyond traditional recruitment. Our approach is designed to identify and appoint individuals who align perfectly with your organisation’s vision, values, and goals.

Strategic Guidance for Your Board

Navigate the complex landscape of modern governance with Tiger Boards' advisory services. Our team of experts offers guidance on governance best practices, conflict resolution, and strategic planning. Partner with us to optimise your board's performance and decision-making processes.

Join the Premier Directory of Board Directors

Are you a qualified director looking for board opportunities? Join our Board Director Registry to gain exposure to a wide range of board appointments. Our platform connects experienced directors with organisations seeking exceptional talent. Register and upload your resume to be part of our exclusive network.